Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Book Review of "Apache Hive Essentials"

I am currently reviewing the book "Apache Hive Essentials" published by PACKT. PACKT is a pretty young publishing company based in Birmingham, UK. The company has a very interesting and agile publishing model called Print on Demand.

Given the hyped data science and big data framework buzzwords, the topic this book covers is definitely relevant and important to big data practitioners. The author appears to have a long and solid experience in the industry which gave him much practical knowledge on the subject. Having quickly skimmed through the book, my first impression is the book has a broad coverage of Apache Hive, ranging from the basic setup to security, data manipulation and the detailed explanation on the grammar, complemented with relatively straightforward examples.

My current feeling is, as a thin book of 200 pages, it did quite a decent job. Of course, I will read the book more carefully later this month then post a more detailed a review on my blog.
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